Xbox One Update Will Include New Gamerscore and Party Chat Features

Microsoft revealed details on 2016’s first Xbox One update. Some of the new features include a Gamerscore leaderboard, party member visibility, suggested friends, joinable Twitch broadcasts and Xbox News. Other improvements include the ability to hide games from the ready-to-install list and an updated activity feed. Trending topics, Xbox Home, and pinning will also see some adjustments. There will also be a new Avatar Store which will feature an extensive catalog of free and purchasable items.


The Gamerscore leaderboard will allow you to compare your achievement skills with your friends. You will now be able to see all of your friends’ Gamerscores easily and also who has gained the most points in a 30-day period. Now you can see which one of your friends has the most Netflix achievements! The ability to see who is in a party before you join it is something that Xbox gamers have been asking for a while now. They will get their wish. Now while viewing the user who’s in the party, click the ‘Chat’ button which will pop up right under the user and you will be to see who else is in the party and jump right in. All of these features will begin to surface in the Xbox One Preview Program.


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