The Truth Behind Area51 and UFOs Seen by Bob Lazar

In all the research I have done in the area of alien conspiracies and phenomenon on Earth, the most interesting one I’ve run into is the story of Bob Lazar.  Lazar’s story is about a young scientist who didn’t actually believe in aliens at all until the government offered him a job at S4 (Area 51) reverse engineering an alien spacecraft’s propulsion system. He had just been featured in the local newspaper having built a rocket-car. He had already been working in the Los Alamos labs, which requires some government clearance.

So, the powers that be felt he’d be a good fit for the program and offered him a job without telling him what he’d be doing. Lazar went ahead and took the job and before he knew it he was working with technologies not developed by man and with materials not found on Earth. Once there was an understanding of how this craft traveled in our atmosphere and also how it made traveling light year distances quickly possible, Lazar decided that this was information the world needed to know. He was young, smart and headstrong after all. Here is the video he released explaining the science behind the vehicles propulsion unit:

Lazar breaks down in layman’s terms the science behind all of this. The magic ingredient, Element 115. His video was released back in 1991. We have since created Element 115 (Ununpentium) with our atom colliders. But the nature of how they work means the element is only in existence for fractions of a second.

It seems amazing that Lazar might have had a much more clear understanding of an element that our scientists can only “see” for fractions of a second. Lazar is a scientist himself, so he knew of particle accelerators back then.  Although it was a newer technology in the 90s, I’m sure he knew that one day it would be more advanced and maybe to the point that we could actually make trace amounts of the molecules that had longer half lives. He would have realized that if he made up a crazy lie like this, eventually scientists would uncover the truth and he’d been outed. He seems smarter to me than to walk into something like that.

After releasing the video he was mostly not believed and ridiculed. Investigators checked up on his jobs at Los Alamos and his educational merits and they didn’t check out. It seemed like it was all a fake and dismissed. On top of that, even the UFO community dismissed Lazar as a fake. “Experts” in UFOlogy like Stanton Friedman came out and gave their opinion that it is all a hoax. I don’t believe it is, but again, that’s just my opinion. I put this together so more people might see it and make up their own minds on this conspiracy. I believe Lazar is telling the truth here. 25 years later there were followup interviews and more videos created. Lazar explicitly says he wishes he had never ‘told the world’ of what was going on at S4. He could still be working there, on technologies only a handful of humans get to see and learn about. No one believed him anyhow. To this day it causes him more problems than anything it may have benefited him over the years. Here are some of those videos.

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