Why I’m ducking tired of autocorrect on my smartphone

Smartphone technology is constantly advancing and improving which makes our lives easier,  faster, and gives us instant communication.  But what happens when it becomes a hindrance to that communication?  In these days of online communication,  online dating,  texting,  Facebook,  Snapchat, and Instagram, we spend most of our lives communicating face to face with our phones and not peer to peer.  While most of the time our smartphone makes those plugged in communications lightning fast,  what happens when they don’t?

I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine,  and we were both using our speech to text option on our phones,  so we would be able to multitask.  At one point the conversation became about our phones auto correcting our speech,  and she sent me what her phone does when she attempted to say the word “porn”.  Now,  I am an adult woman,  in my 30’s, and the word “porn”, in my mind,  is not a curse word,  and does not need censoring.  However,  her iPhone disagreed with both her and I and sent me a “p***”

I laughed at her before realizing,  my Android phone does the same thing.  We then proceeded to see how censored our words were.  We proceeded to curse at each other for two hours,  yelling “balls” and “bitchass” into our phones to realize,  basically everything was censored,  unless you typed it in.  Balls would be changed  to “false”, “tits” to “tips”, “I want to fuck you in the ass” to “I want to duck you.. ” well you get the point…

We discovered you could say “I want to make love to you” or “I want to come” instead of “cum”. But since when is it acceptable for my smartphone to bully me into being polite? I am a consenting adult, and if want to curse at my friend,  or goddammit,  I want to have phone sex,  using my voice,  I damn well ought to be able to do just that!

Since when have I become censored by technology?  I will not be silenced by your asterisks!  I will cum when I want,  and I will curse when I please!

Of note,  I understand the value of monitoring precocious young-lings who have access to technology younger and younger these days, but I am fully against censorship in any form.  It does more harm than good.

So, how about you,  are you feeling bullied by your smartphone?  What ya gonna do about it b****a** punk?!

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