Facebook to Launch Reactions to Enhance Like Button

Facebook is changing and the Like button may never be the same again. For what seems like forever, Facebook users have been clamoring for a dislike button. Well, that’s still not going to happen anytime soon, but Facebook is finally enhancing the like button feature. Enter Reactions. The new program is designed to give Facebook users more ways to express their feelings about statuses, photos, and posts.


Six new emojis (love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry) will join the original Like button. Each post will now display how many reactions it has alongside comments and likes. For example: a post could have four wows, two loves, twelve likes, and seven comments. The emojis will pop up when you press the like button on your screen while using the mobile app. On the desktop site, you just use the mouse to select the reaction of your choice.


Facebook claims they chose each emoji based off of users’ one word comments that were left on posts. Reactions will launch a trial run in Ireland and Spain. Why these two countries? Apparently, people in these countries don’t have many foreign friends. Additionally, it will allow them the chance to test how will the new feature will do in both an English speaking country and a non-English speaking country. If Facebook decides to permanently bring Reactions to our feeds, they would be here to stay. Users would not have the option of disabling the feature. It will surely be interesting to see whether or not Facebook users like or dislike Reactions.




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