Create and Share Personalized Lists with The List App

The List, a new app created by actor and comedian BJ Novak, has been released on the Apple Store. The app allows its users to create lists about anything their heart desires. Want someone to know your favorite movies? Make a list. Want the world to know about all the places you’ve visited? Make a list. Each list can contain 99 items and a 350 character introduction. It’s easy to get started: download the app, sign in with an e-mail address, and create an account.


Users can follow, comment, and “re-list” other people’s lists. You can follow celebrities or find your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and contacts list. Lists can also be shared on other social media outlets so more eyes can see your Disney Villains Who Were Right list. Wait… I’m the only person who wants to create that list? Alright then.


The List claims, “We chose to create a product where people have complete freedom in composing their lists and have consequently seen The List App grow into a vibrant community for self-expression, communication, discovery, problem solving, recommendations, and beyond. We aim to grow The List App into the community for lists, about anything and everything.” Lists can also be private if you want to keep them a secret. The app will eventually be available to everyone. For now, iPhone users can download the app for free.


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