AT&T To Increase Price of Unlimited Data Plans

Cellphone carriers want to get rid of unlimited data. These plans were once promoted like crazy, but are now fading away. Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have all recently raised the prices of their grandfathered unlimited data plans. Verizon has increased their plan by $20 which will mean most users will be paying close to $100 a month. T-Mobile charges their customers $45 a month while Sprint hiked up their fee by $10. Now we can add AT&T to that list.


In February, current customers who have the unlimited data plan will now pay $35 each month. This is a $5 increase from the previous price. The company stopped offering these plans to new customers five years ago. Compared to the competition, many people would still consider the price a steal. If you wish to cancel your plan, they will waive the early termination fee. But be warned, once that unlimited data plan is gone, it will stay gone forever. Forever!



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