Amp, the iPhone Case That Sounds and Looks Beautiful with a Charger to Boot

You’ve probably tried a few different plug-in speakers for your phone using a little cable before. Either one of those round speakers that expands, or the pair of speakers that you carry around and figure out where to store them when not in use. Typically these speakers are battery-powered which means you have to charge them separately, and they are not very convenient.

You’ve also most likely tried many different chargers for your iPhone. Well the problem with the typical phone charger is that you either lose the cable or completely forget to charge it or even forgot to bring them with it with you.

That’s why when I first saw the Amp phone speaker/charger, I was very intrigued. Even with a $100 price tag, it is surely worth every penny. It is stylish, slim, protects your phone, and even has a built-in “brain” to truly create an experience like no other case, speaker system, or charger on the market. It has a built-in CPU, and headphone amp which gives you a high-quality grade sound. Since it comes with its own high-capacity lithium ion battery, to power theAmp speakers and audio engine, it increases your phone’s battery life by 25%.

Being a musician, among other things, I love the fact that Amp listens to your environment, and understands your taste in music and patterns. This means that it customizes the audio to achieve the highest form of clarity and sound available to you in a device like this. It’s about time someone created a speaker with a battery built in that actually enhances the sound of your phone. No longer will you have to plug in an earpiece in the car, or lift a phone to your ear when trying to play a video for someone in a noisy bar. I also love that you can use it during conferences with a room full of people. I’ve been in that situation many times, where the phone speaker was just too low for everyone in the room to hear what the person on the speakerphone was saying.

Well this won’t happen to me anymore, because I pre-ordered mine today. I highly recommend you do the same, and you can get them right here today.

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